w Zieloną gramy – Adam Snopek

5 czerwca 2022

A series of open-air concerts „W Zieloną gramy” (literal translation from Polish – “In the Green we play”)

There is nothing more pleasant than communing with beautiful music in the face of nature. All you need is a deckchair, a loved one for company and one of the concerts of the „W Zieloną gramy” series, the August edition of which will belong to the Second Michał Spisak International Festival! Every Saturday in August at 5 p.m. in the Dance Circle of the Zielona Park in Dąbrowa Górnicza there will be public concerts with classical music in a light, pleasant and intimate setting. Experience different musical eras performed by acclaimed artists.

“From Bach to AC/DC.” Adam Snopek: stand-up at the piano

6 August, 5:00 p.m., Dance Circle in Zielona Park

Stand-up at the piano, or in other words „From Bach to AC/DC” – a combination of stand-up, performance, and concert. The whole is seasoned with a bold, specific sense of humour and the extraordinary energy of pianist Adam Snopek. Stand-up, during which we will learn unknown facts about the lives of popular artists, discover the types of music and song endings, and have the opportunity to sing together. You will find out that one singing pianist and a piano on stage can conjure up a magical performance full of passion and emotion, which will remain in your memory for a long time. Jazz-style variations on Michał Spisak’s Concerto Giocosso will constitute a special point of the concert.




Adam Snopek – piano, hosting

The program includes:

Mack The knife – Kurt Weill

Lade Be Good – George Gershwin

Milord – Monnot Marguerite

Wehikuł Czasu / Time Machine – Adam Otręba

Black Or White – Michael Jackson

When I Fall – Victor Young

Wspomnienie / Recollection – Marek Sart

Róbmy swoje / Let’s do our own thing – Ryszard Wasowski

New York, New York – John Kander

Por Una Cabeza – Carlos Gardel

and variations on the theme of Concerto Gioccoso by Michał Spisak




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